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What’s the Most Important Part of Your Smart Home Automation System?

This One System Greatly Impacts the Performance of Your Technology

What’s the Most Important Part of Your Smart Home Automation System?

Getting the most out of your Hollis, NH smart home automation system is what every homeowner wants.

But sometimes it’s about more than just finding the latest products or the newest technology.

It’s about the connections made between those devices that allow them to work together.

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of the home network, and how you can enjoy a smarter, faster home when you upgrade yours.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

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What Is the Network?

While it’s one of the most important parts of your smart home system, it can often be one of the most overlooked.

Why? Because your network is virtually invisible.

Whether you choose a hardwired or wireless system, you rarely ever look at your network connections.

But a strong network means that the smart home hub in your basement can connect to the smart TV in your media room, and to the smart thermostat outside of your bedroom.

Think of it like a highway: the information has to travel between each device on the highway. Sometimes it’s a small car, other times it’s a wide-load truck. But all of the information has to share the same highway.

So how do you make sure there’s enough room for everyone on the road?

Increase Bandwidth

If your network is like a highway, bandwidth is like the number of lanes on the highway.

Too much traffic, and a two-lane blacktop can quickly get clogged up. So the trick is to expand the highway to four or more lanes.

Fiber-optic cables can help you do that. In a wired system, they offer high bandwidth connections to just about any area of your home.

Similarly, a higher bandwidth router will help get your wireless signal across to each device.

Higher bandwidth means you can increase the number of connected devices without worrying about slowdowns or blackouts.


Software can also help prioritize certain functions over others.

That means your security system can get priority over your audio system.

By managing the traffic this way, your home will rarely if ever lose signal due to a backup, because the most important devices are the ones that will act first.

Are you ready to enjoy a smart home automation system that operates smoothly for years to come? You may need to enhance your network.

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