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Simplify Your Spaces With a Smart Home Automation System

When Technology Learns, Your Day Becomes Easier

Simplify Your Spaces With a Smart Home Automation System

After a long day at the office, your home should offer a relaxing escape from the day’s hardships. A smart home automation system can do just that by streamlining the technology in and around your Bedford, New Hampshire property and simplifying your lifestyle. But a smart home upgrade can do more than just offer user-friendly controls for every component of your home – it can learn your habits and customize itself completely to you. From the moment you walk in the door to the second you leave for work in the morning, you’ll have an experience as unique as you are. Read on to learn more.

A Safer Home

A huge benefit of integrating your home’s technology is the added security. From HD surveillance cameras that stream real-time footage directly to your smartphone, to smart smoke detectors that keep your home safe from both fire and harmful gasses, your home can be safer than ever.

And as the technology records usage statistics and becomes more familiar with your habits, it can do an even better job of keeping your home safe. For instance, as you step out the door you can assign an “away” setting. Your smart home system will begin to alternate the lights, shades and other integrated features throughout your property to give the impression that someone is inside at all times, even when you’re miles away. Moreover, because the components mimic actual usage, the impression of occupancy is even more realistic.

Plus, pre-set geo-fencing technology means that your system will activate even if you forget to turn it on. If you move further than a pre-specified geographic distance, or if you’re away longer than expected, your home can automatically enter an away-mode, helping you achieve peace of mind while you’re out.

A More Comfortable Morning

Let’s face it, waking up is hard to do. Whether it’s listening to the annoying bleat of your alarm clock, straining your eyes as they adjust to the light or rushing to the thermostat to re-set it after a comfy night under the covers, getting started should just be easier.

A smart home system makes it possible. Rather than a screeching alarm clock, gently stream music into your room via in-wall speakers. Let your eyes adjust to the morning sun by having your shades slowly rise, and the in-ceiling lights rise gradually. And the thermostat? It can change to a comfortable setting before your feet even hit the floor.

Plus, over time your system will learn how you function throughout your days. Do you need to get to the office early on Monday, but love to sleep in on Saturday? Do you prefer to sleep with the temperature turned way down low in the summertime, but want to wake up to a toasty, cozy atmosphere? After a few days, your technology will learn to react to the way you actually use it, so you won’t have to predict your behavior while choosing pre-sets. The results are a more comfortable, enjoyable and fun home.

Are you ready to enhance the safety and comfort of your spaces with a smart home automation system? Contact us today.

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