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Is Amazon Alexa Appropriate for Your Commercial Automation System?

The Pros and Cons of Voice Control in the Work Place

Is Amazon Alexa Appropriate for Your Commercial Automation System?

If you run a business in the Lakes Region, you’ve probably considered investing in commercial automation solutions. And one of the coolest developments in automation recently has been the introduction of voice control interfaces like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So the logical next question is simple: would voice control work in my business? In this blog, we’ll outline the pros and cons of integrating a voice control interface in your company. Read on for more.

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The Benefits of Voice Control:

There are plenty of ways your business stands to gain from voice control, so we break down a few of our favorites:

Most Popular Devices Connect: If you’ve already invested in smart technology like the Nest thermostat or the Sonos wireless music system, you can easily connect them to the Alexa interface. That way, all you have to do is say the name of the music artist you want to listen to and hear it played back on your wireless audio system.

Works With Smart Systems: Have you already invested in a smart automation system? Both Alexa and Assistant can connect and offer a voice control interface for everything from the AV, lighting, shading and more in your office, shop or restaurant.

It’s Communal: Don’t want to invest in individual control panels for each of your employees? Both Alexa and Assistant are the perfect solution. Each uses internet connectivity to parse different dialects and accents of various employees, so it can accept commands no matter how they are said.

The Cons of Voice Control:

Although there are plenty of cool benefits of integrating voice control, there are a few things you should definitely consider before you invest. Here are some highlights:

They’re Not Secure: When you invest in commercial automation solutions, you need to know that they will protect you and your business from potential harm. Unfortunately, voice control is a long way from being secure. Essentially, just about anyone can give the system a command and it will react. And though there have been some attempts at voice recognition upgrades, it’s not yet perfected.

They’re Not Built for Business: While Google Assistant seems to be making greater strides in a commercial direction, neither in nor Amazon Alexa are designed for the demands of commercial automation. In a small office or boutique, that probably wouldn’t be a problem, but if you have a larger space you may put too much strain on your interface.

So what do you think? Is voice control commercial automation right for your company? Contact Luxint today for more information!