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How Your Home Audio Video System Is Changing in the New Year

What’s New in AV Technology in 2017?

How Your Home Audio Video System Is Changing in the New Year

With a new year comes new technology, and that may mean some big changes to your home audio video system in the Lakes Region. Whether you’re a fan of subscription streaming services, immersive audio or excellent video display quality, 2017 has some cool new tech headed your way. In this blog, we’ll show you how AV technology is changing over the next few months. Read on to learn more.

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Lossless Streaming

Did you know that in 2016, streaming became the number one way Americans listen to music for the first time ever? While the industry has been trending toward streaming-domination for years now, it seems to have finally hit a peak last year. That means changes may soon be on the way for how you consume your favorite music, including reduced physical media like CDs and vinyl, less emphasis on lossless file storage and more streaming-exclusive content.

If your setup isn’t equipped to handle online streaming, now’s the time to invest. You’ll need an audio distribution system that can handle internet-based music in every room of your home. In fact, you’ll want to be prepared to stream the highest-quality lossless audio, because Tidal has recently released plans to launch their Tidal Masters service, a premium subscription that allows you to listen to Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) files – the only lossless format capable of being streamed.

Immersive Audio Expands

Until recently, you could only experience full immersive audio, like Dolby Atmos, in a home theater setting. With speakers surrounding you, including two or more overhead, you could be fully transported into the auditory world of the movie. But this year, immersive audio sound bars are making a play for your media room.

Immersive sound bars are not new, but this year’s models sport cool features like support for both immersive and lossless audio formats. It’s just the latest in the push to make all of your AV sound better than ever.

And if that’s not enough, immersive audio is also making its way into the headphone market. Whether you love the privacy of personal audio or you’re excited for the combination with VR tech, you can expect to be hearing more in 2017.

Video Displays Improve

Though the New Year has plenty in store for your ears, your eyeballs can also look forward to some nice treats. Right now, the biggest one may be the emergence of OLED as a major player in display backlighting.

Last year, we saw 4K and HDR dominate the conversation. But now that both technologies are widely available, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) may be the biggest thing since you upgraded to an LED or LCD TV a decade ago. OLED is said to offer deeper black and a wider gamut of visible color, allowing for a more detailed and realistic looking image.

Are you excited to upgrade your home audio video system this year? Contact Luxint today for more information!