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4 Benefits of Upgrading to a One App Home

Access to All Your Smart Devices on One Intuitive Interface

4 Benefits of Upgrading to a One App Home

Buying an assortment of smart devices off the shelf can result in a disjointed system for your home in The Lakes Region. Suddenly you find yourself with a different app to manage your security, thermostat, music and more. Why not invest in technology that gives you control of all your devices from one app? With a smart home automation solution from Crestron, you can centralize control onto one intuitive user interface. Read on to learn some of the benefits of this approach: 

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1.Centralized Control

The main advantage of a "One App Home" is that you can control everything from one user interface. You don’t have to juggle through multiple apps to complete a task. From the same app, you can pick out your favorite cooking playlist and turn down the thermostat, so it doesn't get too hot in the kitchen once the oven and stove are running.

You can even personalize your smart home automation system. Choose the technology or rooms you plan on using most in your Meredith home. They can then be placed prominently on your app’s layout, so it's easy for you to access them in the future.

2.Consistent Navigation

One app for all your smart home devices also means only having to learn one system. As much as these devices promise to have intuitive apps, even the most tech-savvy clients will have a bit of a learning curve. With the Crestron app, you’re always dealing with the same user interface.

If you add new technology, it will fall into the same layout you’re used to. If you decide to add a new device –whether it’s a new smartphone or tablet for the family—you can download the app to pull up the system you’re familiar with. You can even carry your preferences over from one device to the next.

3.Pre-Set Scenes

With all your smart devices on the same app, you can also get them to work together. Create ‘scenes’ that control multiple features simultaneously. A “Lock Down” scene can be activated each night to turn off the lights, lock all doors and arm your security system.

4.Remote Access

You can also take your home with you wherever you go. From your smartphone turn off lights, look in on surveillance or lock doors even if you’re not home. Receive notifications if a door was left open or your security alarm goes off. Not only do you get peace of mind knowing what’s going on at all times, but you can also reduce energy consumption by turning off lights and reducing the thermostat remotely.

There’s no need to settle for a disjointed smart home that has you shuffling through multiple apps to get what you want. Call Luxint at 602-236-7771 or fill out our online contact form to upgrade to a one app home.